Prepare for the HiSET® Exam: Overview

Scheduling a HiSET® exam is an important first step toward achieving your high school equivalency credential, and we want to make sure that you have the tools you need to prepare. The HiSET program offers free and low-cost options to familiarize you with both the exam questions and the computer-delivered testing experience.

Free Test Preparation Materials

Note: All test preparation PDFs on this page are accessible by screen readers. For additional test preparation materials in accessible formats, see Disability Accommodations.

Tutorial Video

Watch this brief video to learn more about the HiSET exam and the computer-delivered test, including information about the computer screens and navigation.

Study Companion

You can use the Study Companion to familiarize yourself with the test content, test question formats and available study resources for each subtest. Download the Study Companion.

Practice Tests

You can experience what it is like to take the HiSET exam by taking these free, 30–45-minute practice tests. Each subtest is approximately half the length of the actual test and includes directions as well as an answer key. Questions are similar to those on the subtests, so you find out how ready you are and where you might need additional preparation. Download copies of the free practice tests.

Interactive Practice Tests for the HiSET Exam

Experience what it is like to take the computer-delivered HiSET exam by taking these free, 30–45-minute interactive practice tests. The questions used on these computer-delivered practice tests are the same items from the HiSET Free Practice Tests provided in an interactive practice test format.

When you take the interactive practice tests, you receive immediate feedback on the correctness of your responses, an estimate of your level of readiness for the real test and an estimate of your HiSET scaled score on this test. You can then review the questions together with explanations for the correct answers.

Access the free interactive practice tests.

CBAL™ Quick Math Practice

The CBAL™ Quick Math Practice system was developed as part of the Cognitively Based Assessment of, for, and as Learning (CBAL™) Initiative at ETS.

With the CBAL Quick Math Practice, you can improve your mathematics skills by practicing with short exercises that focus on core mathematical concepts and procedures. Although the exercises in Quick Math Practice are not the same as the questions you will see on the HiSET mathematics subtest, they can complement your preparation for it.

Access the CBAL Quick Math Practice system.

Khan Academy Math Tutorial Videos

In collaboration with Khan Academy, the HiSET program has identified videos and exercises that can assist you in preparing for the HiSET Math test. These training videos can improve the fundamental skills in Numbers and Operations, Geometry, Data Analysis and Algebra that you need to be successful on the HiSET Math test. Download the list of free videos and exercises.

Sample Questions

See examples of the types of questions that will appear on the five subtests. Correct answers with explanations are included. Download the Sample Questions.

Tips for Getting Ready

Find helpful tips and strategies to help you get ready for the exam, including how to organize your time both before and during the exam. See Tips for Getting Ready.

Low-cost Test Preparation Materials

Practice Tests

In addition to the free practice tests mentioned above, we offer even more opportunities to practice with printable practice tests developed by ETS for just $10 per subtest. Purchase these tests now to continue building your knowledge in the HiSET content areas. Use the Are You Ready to Take the HiSET exam? chart to determine your practice test scores.

Get Help Before Taking the HiSET Exam

Many HiSET test centers and adult education centers offer free or low-cost instruction and other support to help you get ready for the HiSET exam. Instruction can help you to improve your reading and math skills, learn to write an essay and develop test-taking strategies. Contact your test center or find an adult education program through America's Literacy Directory.

NEW and Revised! The Official Guide to the HiSET® Exam, 2nd Edition

The Official Guide to the HiSET® Exam has been updated to reflect the current exam and is a one-of-a-kind resource — the only guide created by the test makers at ETS and the only guide that shows you exactly what the real exam is like. This book is uniquely suited to help you do your best on test day.

Take the next step toward college or career success with The Official Guide to the HiSET Exam.

What you'll find inside:

  • One HiSET Exam Pretest from ETS. This pretest is half the length of the actual HiSET exam and contains questions written by ETS. Use this exam to assess your readiness to take the test.
  • Two full-length HiSET Practice Tests. These tests are designed to match the real exam in format and level of difficulty. Use them to sharpen your skills and build your confidence.
  • Descriptions and explanations of every test section, including the updated essay style.
  • Official information on the HiSET exam. Get the facts about the test content and structure — straight from ETS.
  • Topic-by-topic review of all five subjects: Language Arts – Reading, Language Arts – Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
  • Test-taking strategies. Read valuable hints and tips that can help you get your best score.

The Official Guide to the HiSET Exam is Available for purchase through

Additional Test Prep Providers

The HiSET team is working to ensure that additional materials aligned with HiSET content will be available to help you prepare for the exam. View a detailed list of these commercial vendors and their products.

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