What is the HiSET® Battery?

The HiSET® exam is made up of five subtests. During the scheduling process, once you select the subtest you wish to take, you will be asked if you want to purchase a battery. A "Battery" refers to when you buy all five subtests in a single purchase.

What Does the Battery Cost?

Cost varies by state or jurisdiction. To see how much it will cost you to take the battery, see Requirements by State or Jurisdiction.

What Do I Get with the Battery?

The price of the battery includes the following:

  • All five subtests
  • Up to two retests for each subtest within the 12-month period after the date of purchase

Learn more about retests.

Do I Need to Schedule All of the Subtests When I Buy It?

No, but you do need to schedule at least one of the subtests when you purchase the battery. You can schedule the remaining four subtests whenever you like, and you can take them in any order. And you can choose to schedule all five appointments on the same day or different days.

Learn more about scheduling a test.

Does the Battery Expire?

Yes. You must take all five subtests within 12 months of the date you purchased the battery. Any rescheduled tests or retake attempts must also be completed within 12 months of the date of purchase to avoid paying additional ETS fees.

Can I Cancel My Battery?

Yes, you can cancel your battery. If you cancel your battery, you will be eligible for a 50 percent refund only if:

  • you haven't taken any of the subtests yet
  • you cancel the battery at least three days before your appointment, not including the day of your appointment and the day of your request

You can also cancel a single subtest from your battery. If you cancel a subtest, your battery is still active and you can schedule appointments later.

Learn more about canceling a battery.

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