The HiSET® Exam — ETS's Affordable, Accessible New High School Equivalency Alternative

Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Iowa Testing Programs (ITP), two highly respected nonprofit assessment organizations, are committed to supporting test centers that offer the new ETS HiSET® program. We share your belief that out-of-school youth and adults deserve a pathway to higher education and career opportunities.

States and jurisdictions use their existing test center network to administer the HiSET program. We provide state-selected test centers with user-friendly materials and assistance every step of the way to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Test centers must be approved by the state or jurisdiction in order to administer the HiSET exam. See a full list of states and jurisdictions that currently offer the HiSET program.

Order test materials, print test day rosters, help test takers and more.

Employers and organizations in your area can help under-credentialed, working adults earn a High School Equivalency credential through a special new program from ETS.

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