Supporting HiSET® Test Takers

There are many ways in which test center staff can support HiSET® test takers. In some cases, it may be as simple as pointing them in the right direction on the website or helping them create accounts. However, some test takers may not have Internet access or may need additional guidance. Those test takers will need more in-depth support from their test centers in order to schedule a testing appointment and prepare for the test.

Test Preparation

Test takers can gain access to test preparation materials through test centers. These materials include a video tutorial, practice tests, sample questions and more. Learn more about test preparation.

Fees and Eligibility

Test fees and eligibility requirements can vary by state or jurisdiction, so test takers may go to their test centers to find out how much it will cost for them to take the HiSET exam and whether or not they are eligible to take it. Learn more about fees and eligibility.

Creating an Account

Test takers can use their accounts to schedule appointments, access appointment details and confirmations, view scores and more. Some test takers may come to test centers for help in creating or accessing their accounts. Learn more about helping test takers create accounts.

Scheduling Test Appointments

Test takers may need help scheduling new test appointments or changing or canceling existing appointments. Learn more about helping test takers schedule appointments.

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