Why Should I Take the HiSET® Exam?

To build a better future.

Passing the HiSET® exam proves you have the same academic knowledge and proficiency as a high school graduate. Once you pass, your state will issue you a high school equivalency credential. The credential helps you move your life in a whole new direction!

Here are just some of the opportunities it can help create for you.


A high school equivalency credential can help you show your employer you have the college- and career-readiness skills that allow you to grow on the job and participate in job training.

When meeting with employers or college admission staff, they may ask you if you have a GED®. Many people — even employers — aren't aware there are other options available to earn your high school equivalency credential, and, like the HiSET exam, the GED® is another way test takers can earn their state-issued high school equivalency credential.

Not sure how to talk about it? Here is a letter issued by the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education you can share with employers and institutions who may have questions.

Recognized Equivalent of a High School Diploma

Community college

If you took adult education/test preparation courses through a community college, it's easy to continue there with credit-bearing courses. If you transfer to another college or program, remember your high school equivalency credential is portable — that means the credential is accepted by every state, not just the one where you earned it.


The U.S. military, like other federal agencies such as Job Corps, the Department of Labor and the Department of Education, recognizes the HiSET exam as a legitimate qualifying test for a high school equivalency credential.

Training programs

Keep learning! Make your high school equivalency credential a starting point for your career. A competitive labor force depends on people who continue to develop their skills. Taking continuing-education classes, attending industry-related seminars and earning certifications will serve you well and make a lasting impression on employers.

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