Take Charge of Your Future: Resources to Help You Master Your Next Move

These downloadable, printable resources provide tips on resume writing, interviewing skills and career planning to help you take control of your future.

5 Things to Leave off Your Resume
Download | File size: 98 kb

Don't Have Much Experience? Here's How to Boost Your Resume
Download | File size: 71 kb

What Not to Do in the Interview
Download | File size: 82 kb

5 Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes to Prepare for an Interview
Download | File size: 80 kb

Explaining Unemployment in the Job Interview
Download | File size: 74 kb

10 Common Sense Interview Tips Too Many People Flub
Download | File size: 121 kb

How Do Employers Test an Applicant's Skills?
Download | File size: 86 kb

Don't Give Away Your Entire Story in the Cover Letter
Download | File size: 75 kb

Prepare for Applying Using a Form Application
Download | File size: 81 kb

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