Creating Your HiSET® Account

What can you do with your account?

Creating a HiSET® account gives you fast access to all of your HiSET exam information. With your HiSET account, you can:

  • find a test center
  • schedule and pay for a test (in some states or jurisdictions)
  • view your appointment confirmation
  • reschedule or cancel a test (in some states or jurisdictions)
  • view your order history
  • view your scores
  • print your score reports
  • update your profile information

How to Create a HiSET Account

A step-by-step video to creating an account.

View Transcript How to Create an HiSET Account


Create Your Account

Note: The HiSET online account is compatible with the following browsers:

Windows® 7/8.1/10 – IE 11
Latest Version of Chrome, Firefox®, Edge, Mac® OS X/iOS – Safari®

The name you use when creating your account

When you create your HiSET account, the name you use must exactly match the name on your identification (ID) documents (excluding accents) that you will use on the day of your test at the test center. If it doesn't, you may not be allowed to test or your scores may be canceled after you take the test.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you create your account and enter your name:

  • Provide your entire first (given) name (excluding accents). Don't register under a nickname or using only an initial as your first name. If you use an initial as your first name, please contact your test center or ETS customer service for assistance.
  • Supply your entire last (family/surname) name. If you have a two-part last name, enter your complete last name exactly as it appears on the ID (excluding accents) that you will use on the day of the test.
  • If you don't have a last or surname, enter your given name as your first name and again as your last or surname.

Need help?

Contact your test center. Test center staff can walk you through the registration process or create your account for you.