Selecting a Test Center

Where will you take the exam?

After you have set up your account, your next step is to find a location to take the HiSET® exam. The HiSET exam is offered at various test locations, including community colleges and adult learning facilities, so you have lots of choices about where to take it. The exam can be taken on most days when the test centers are open.

More than just a place to test

Your test center isn't just a place where you'll take the HiSET exam. It's also a resource to help you through the entire process. Your test center can help you:

  • create your account
  • get ready for test day
  • get your scores

And after you complete the exam, your test center may be able to help you figure out next steps.

Using the test center search

Use our test center search to find test centers in your state or jurisdiction. You can search by ZIP code and choose whether you're looking for computer- or paper-delivered tests. You can also search by test center name if you're looking for a specific location.

You will need a HiSET account to see available test dates and times in states and jurisdictions that allow online scheduling. However, you do not need an account to search for test centers in your area. If your state or jurisdiction doesn't allow online scheduling, you should contact the test center directly for availability.

Search for Test Centers