Holden's Story


On-screen: [Holden]

Speaker: Holden – Well my name is Holden. We're in Denham, Louisiana. I actually deliver appliances as of right now, until I can actually start and get enrolled in school. We go about 100 miles each direction.  It's pretty long hours. Worked about 70 hours by the end of this week. I was still enrolled in Brusly High. Y'know I was going through my sophomore, junior year. And um, actually my girlfriend found out she was pregnant. And I kind of slowed down in doing my school work. I really shouldn't have. I should have kept it up, but I didn't. And it was uh – it was pretty hard for me, y'know, I had to make a decision. I really thought I didn't have any other options. Y'know, I didn't know what I was gonna do, if I could graduate, get a diploma or whatever. But then I found this HiSET® program and I'm so glad I did. It was a great program. I was in and out in about 40 days. Loved it. I plan on going to night school right now, and figuring out what trade I want to do, and what I want to get into. When I actually do have some money saved up I can go to school for business, business marketing, I don't know really. But, starting pretty young, only 17, so. In my perspective, if you experience what I'm going through right now, your best bet would probably be to get your HiSET®. You could basically do whatever you want, you could still go to college, you could still work a full time job. So it's really worth getting.

End of HiSET® – Testimonial – Holden Video.

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