HiSET® Testimonial – Victor


On-screen: [Victor]

Speaker: Victor – My name's Victor Harris and we're at Sioux City, Iowa, at Western Iowa Tech. I went from being an honor roll student when I went to school in Indiana, and moved to Kansas City. And my grades dropped and my father pulled me out of school when I was fifteen. And when he pulled me out of school, he wanted me to run his trucking business with him. So I kind of just gave up, and all I thought about was working. Until I came here when they had the HiSET®, and I got it in two months. Here they have a classroom setup, y'know it's like regular classes. You've got teachers that go over things with you and they help you out. They really cared, y'know, they wanted you to succeed. Working at these jobs where you don't have a high school diploma or anything, equivalency, it's kind of hard to support your family. But now it's like after the HiSET®, that just opened up a lot of doors for me.

Speaker: Professor – So we add those together, and our simulator data…

Speaker: Victor – As soon as I completed my HiSET®, that same day I went and enrolled for classes for Mechanical Engineering. And it feels good. Y'know, completing that, it's like there's times where I'll even go inside my file cabinet and go pull out my diploma and look like, I did it, y'know. And it's like now, I have goals. I mean, I've never had goals before. And you see life a whole 'nother way.

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