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Speaker: Jenn – I'm Jenn and we're at my apartment in Cedar Falls. Probably every little thing you could find to be wrong about a kid was me. I didn't enjoy going to school or anything. And, so I just kind of gave up. So then finally I found out I was pregnant with my son, and I was like – I gotta get an education. So when I went to start my HiSET® I was super nervous. I was scared, I didn't think – I thought it was gonna take forever, y'know? I got done quick and it was easy for me because I studied my butt off. It was pretty much me sitting here on the couch with a laptop in front of me and my baby sleeping in my arm. Or if he wasn't sleeping, I was reading him the questions so that he could learn too. It was quite fun, actually.

Speaker: Anna, transition specialist for Hawkeye – Hi, Jenn!

Speaker: Jenn – Anna's the transition specialist for Hawkeye. The day I graduated she already had a gift for me. Congratulations! I was like, I didn't even tell you if I passed! I knew you'd get it Jenn. [laughs] She's really helped me out with everything. For a GAP tuition that helps me pay for my CNA, my Certified Nursing Assistant, that I just got. I've gotten my HiSET® done, my CNA, I'm about to start my LPN. I've gotten so much done in less than a year, all thanks to how fast and easy it was to get my HiSET®.

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