HiSET® Testimonial – Maria


On-screen: [ETS® HiSET®]

Speaker: Maria

Speaker: Maria – I am originally from Mexico and came here when I was 10 years old, without knowing any English at all. So it was really hard for me going to school and knowing nothing, people making fun. I got married, dropped out. My kids came from school with books and everything and I was just trying to learn. They were doing assignments or something and I was there just to see how they do the stuff, so I can learn too.

On-screen: [Smyrna Vehicle Plant. The Highest-Volume Auto Plant in North America.]

I had an opportunity to go to Nissan as a supervisor, I applied for it, and they gave me the job, but when they find out that I didn't have the diploma, they say, you need to get your diploma. If you don't get your diploma... so I find this place, Adult Education, and I went over there and I enrolled myself and I was there every day. I mean, I work second shift, so sometimes I was coming home really late. And like I said, there were sometimes that I was like, I can't do this no more; I am not going to pass; I am not going to pass, but they keep pushing me, everybody. My husband is always like, don't worry about it, you've got this. You've been working really hard, you've got this. And I opened the email and I saw the score and I am like, yes, I got it.

On-screen: [Photo of Maria at her graduation.]

And the day of the graduation it was... it was really emotional. I mean, seeing all my family there. I went over there and grabbed my diploma and I looked at them and I am like, yeah, this is for you guys.

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