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On-screen: [ETS® HiSET®]

Speaker: Male – The career coach is a mobile career center. Currently there are three state-wide. They are specifically designed to address our more rural areas, where it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a permanent standing facility. There’s lots of different services that take place on the coach, but primarily for administering the HiSET® exam.

Speaker: Female Instructor - Please fill out section one through seven on the front page to get started.

Speaker: Male – So for instance a student could come to the career coach, they could take their high school equivalency exam, the HiSET®, earn their diploma. They could come back at its next scheduled stop and get some assistance in writing a resume, and creating an account in the jobsfortn.gov website, searching for jobs.

On-screen: [Jason Beard, Administrator of Adult Education, State of Tennessee.]

Speaker:  Jason Beard - There are lots of different options that are available through the career coaches, and we're actually going to be adding three more. So there will be more opportunities for these students to not only get the academic help that they need, but also getting the workforce preparation so that they can get a job. We're not trying to get people diplomas, we're trying to get people jobs.


On-screen: [ETS® HiSET®. hiset.ets.org]

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