Getting Your HiSET® Scores

When will you get your scores?

Unofficial scores

When you complete a computer-delivered, multiple-choice HiSET® exam, you'll get an unofficial score at the test center. You won't get an unofficial score for the Language Arts — Writing subtest or for any paper-delivered subtests.

Official scores

Your official scores take a little longer. After ETS receives your unofficial scores (for computer-delivered tests) or answer sheets (for paper-delivered and essay tests) from the test center, we perform a quality check to ensure everything was scored properly. After this process is complete, your official scores are posted to your online account. On average, official scores are posted within:

  • three business days (multiple-choice)
  • five business days (Language Arts – Writing subtest)

If you took a paper-delivered test, how long it takes for your scores to be available depends on when ETS receives your answer sheets for scoring. If the test center doesn't send the answer sheets to ETS promptly, your scores may be delayed.

How will you get them?

To see your official scores, log in to your HiSET account. They aren't sent in the mail.

Who else gets your scores?

  • Your scores are automatically sent to the state that will issue your high school equivalency credential.
  • You may send your scores to whomever you would like, such as a community college, university, military or employer, through your online account.
  • ETS can only send your scores to a third-party agency if they are a Designated Institution. ETS respects your privacy and won't share your test scores with third parties without your consent.