The HiSET® Account for States and Jurisdictions

Once states or jurisdictions accept the HiSET® program, they are given access to a secure HiSET account for states and agencies. With this account, they can view and download scores for test takers in their state.

Test centers use their account access to:

  • create accounts for test takers (in some states or jurisdictions)
  • enter appointment information for test takers (in some states or jurisdictions)
  • view scheduled appointments and print test day rosters
  • check in test takers for paper-delivered tests
  • view and print test-taker scores

To maintain the integrity of the HiSET online system, ETS works with the states and jurisdictions to identify HiSET test center staff whom the state authorizes to receive test materials at the individual test centers.

Sign In to Your Account

Note: The HiSET online system is compatible with the following browsers:

Windows® 7/8.1/10 – IE 11
Latest Version of Chrome, Firefox®, Edge, Mac® OS X/iOS – Safari®

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