Test Administration and Security Procedures

The importance of security

The security of test materials is critical in order to uphold the integrity of the exam. From the moment your site becomes a state-authorized test center, from the administration of the exam and until test materials are safely returned to ETS, test center staff are fully responsible for:

  • confirming the protection of the tests from loss or unauthorized access
  • preventing a test taker from having either an unfair advantage or disadvantage

Security procedures

The following procedures must be strictly followed:

  • Make certain no test taker has access to the tests before the test.
  • Confirm that every test taker does his or her own work.
  • Verify that no one inspects, views or reads questions at any time except for test takers when they are taking the test.
  • Test center staff may inspect the content of tests when it is necessary to investigate a test taker’s report of a specific problem. Test center staff may read individual test questions only if a test taker reports flawed questions.
  • Based on the ID shown by the test takers, verify that all test takers are authorized to test and that the person taking the test is the person authorized to take it.
  • Provide Test Administrators with a space from which to clearly view all test takers in the testing room at all times.
  • Restrict access to administrative workstation functionalities to authorized test center staff only, and preserve the confidentiality of the information displayed.
  • Notify ETS as soon as possible upon discovery of any potential compromise of test data or materials before, during or after the testing process. See Chapter 1 of the HiSET® Program Manual for more information.
  • Report any and all unusual testing circumstances by completing a Center Problem Report (CPR) when administering computer-delivered exams or an Irregularity Report (IRR) when administering paper-delivered exams. ETS will provide each individual Chief Examiner and/or Test Administrator with his/her own personal login credentials. Personal passwords should never be shared. It is extremely important to protect the integrity and confidentiality of all passwords. A security breach may result in a compromise of the HiSET exam and of test-taker data.
  • Secure all computers being used for HiSET testing. When test center staff are not present, the testing room must be locked. If your test center uses laptop PCs, then the laptops must be locked in a secure location when not in use.
  • Paper-delivered testing materials must be secured in a locked room.
  • Any security breach must be reported to the ETS Office of Testing Integrity by calling 1-800-750-6991 within 24 hours of the occurrence.

Access Test Security Compliance Checklist.

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