What is a High School Equivalency (HSE) Credential?

Take charge of your future

In the United States and its territories, adults who left high school before graduation have another way to secure a high school equivalency credential.

What does that mean? It means that, through testing, you can demonstrate you have the same skills and knowledge as a high school graduate. And doing so can help you create a whole new future.

Once you pass the test, your state or jurisdiction will issue you a high school equivalency certificate or high school equivalency diploma.

How can the HiSET® exam help you get your HSE credential?

The HiSET® exam is one of three tests U.S. states and territories use to measure high school equivalency skills. The General Educational Development (GED®) and the Test Assessing Secondary Completion® (TASC™) are the other options. Some states offer only one of these tests. Other states offer all three tests and let you decide which one you wish to take.

What's important to know is this: All three tests allow you to earn your high school equivalency credential from your state.

ETS works closely with states to make sure the HiSET exam closely reflects the skills of a high school graduate and to provide a fair, rigorous exam. Why? We want you to have confidence in, and a sense of achievement with, your new credential.