Who Can Take a High School Equivalency Exam?

High school equivalency (HSE) exams are designed for out-of-school youth and adults without a high school diploma.

HSE exams have eligibility requirements. Like taking a driving test, you must meet these eligibility requirements before you can test. Requirements are determined by each state and usually involve:

  • Age: Most states have a minimum age for the test, but many also have exceptions.
  • School Enrollment Status: Most states require that you be officially withdrawn from school or involved in an Options, Youth Challenge, Job Corps® or other similar program to take a high school equivalency exam.
  • Residency: Some states require that you live in the state to take the exam there.
  • Practice Test or Instruction: Many states require adult education instruction before you take the exam.
  • Identification: A photo ID is needed to verify your identity and age on test day before testing can begin.

See your state's eligibility requirements

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